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🤍 Pinkoi x Moomin |好好棉自黏擦髮巾聯名款上市!

🚚💨💨 官網滿千免運!

📣官網會員享有單品95折優惠 | 新加入會員 享30元購物金

What's New

Holdmepad-world 1st seamless cloth pad now have a sis, her name is Holdme-hair towel wrap!!


World 1st self-sticky hair towel wrap with no button & velcro!

Let us present you the holdme-hair towel: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/5gLHPdhC  

Please take time to take a look, if you are interested in her we might have a visual meeting (google meet), we can directly to introduce our new baby for you!

We can present and demonstrate you how to work with this towel and you would be surprised to what magic functions she has. 


While using a regular towel to dry hair may seem fine, however, don’t you think the standard cotton or terry cloth towel is too heavy after wicking away moisture from wet hair?  

Poor absorption creates far too much friction on wet hair and will ultimately cause more breakage, fragility, and overall damage to the hair. Just because you need spend time to dry your hair. 

Hair towels, on the other hand, are designed specifically to be gentle on hair also cut down on drying time. 

Furthermore, what we are looking forward is bring people a lifestyle with a bit of causal before drying your hair. 

What we bring to you is not just a gair towel but more than you expection.

Made by high tech-fabrics, 4 layers in construction, from the interior(white) to exterior (the side with prints), 

Layer 1: absorbent layer with high absorbent fiber with capillary rise to enhance absorption

Layer 2: antimicrobial copper ION fiber, 99.9% anti-bacterial and deodorant with SGS certificated

Layer 3: same as layer 1

Layer 4: hydroponic fiber, aka water resistant fabric, it creates wet and dry separation effect/function that moisture is wicking away by layer 3 but this layer 4 stays dry and light.   

1.No fastener- thanks to high-tech fabric you don’t need button, Velcro tab or a loop, just stick the towel itself and bang, it is done. 

Make sure the white side is stick to the print side, this is what exactly working way.  The towel can be fastened tightly, won’t be fell out while walking and working out. 

2.Black Tech- high-tech fabric creates a magic function that the moisture from wet hair is wicking away but the towel exterior stays dry and light.

This is another different lifestyle from your daily, phew~ just lie down on the bed to swipe the cell or pad, not a chance to worry the sheet or pillow might be get wet!!  

3. Antimicrobial copper ION fiber, 99.9% anti-bacterial and deodorant with SGS certificated

4. High absorption- 450cc big volume absorbent function, indeed reduce drying time in half also reduce frizz as well as breakage. 

5. Lightweight - like I have mentioned above, don’t you think the standard cotton or terry cloth towel is too heavy after wicking away moisture from wet hair? 

High-tech fabric with capillary rise to have more space to be air, not just speed moisture wicking but also an evaporation of water from a water surface - like a swimming pool or an open tank - depends on water temperature, air temperature, air humidity and air velocity above the water surface. So, the towel can be stay dry and light after using it. 

6. Quick dry- washing machine, tumble dry is workable, just hanging in the air would be dry quickly

7. Regular towel size- don’t have to limit to your head size, could be suitable for kids, family members. Especially for kids, no more worries for running babies with wet hair, cause they have holdme- hair wrap to keep warm. It is a useful to go stuff with your luggage for pool time, traveling since it is quick dry and light to carry on.  

8. Customs in pattern- MOQ for customizing own design can be lower than holdmepad. 

9. Material= 100% polyester with high-tech treatments

   Size: 100 X 37CM (size can be also customized)

10. 100% Made in Taiwan

Contact us if you are interested in our new product – holdme hair towel wrap!


+886 4 2418 1169