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💓 母親節甜蜜好禮組上架啦!快來為媽媽挑選最適合的禮物吧!

💌 2024最少女心的聯名擦髮巾現正熱賣中!

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What's New

Holdmepad-world 1st seamless cloth pad now have a sis, her name is Holdme-hair towel wrap!!



3RTW Corporation was established in 2007, business concept is REUSE, RECYCLE and REDUCE. We are specializing in creating functional fabrics, intelligent textiles from daily necessities to the garment products, such as cloth welding menstrual pads and reusable diapers to minimize environmental impact. 

  • 100% production in Taiwan from very beginning development, prototype, and mass-production. 

  • Facility: knitting and flat machines, particular machines for functional fabrics, automatic sewing machines and ultrasonic welding machines for seamless garment. 

  • Capacity: 500,000pcs annual Diversity business models are welcome that including ODM and OEM, Online B2C retailer and wholesales with FOB quotation. 



  • ODM 

  • OEM 

  • Wholesale 

  • Turnkey service 

  • Innovation 


3RTW as an expert & pioneer who making cloth diapers over decades in Taiwan, we are specializing in all kinds of functional fabrics, we can be your consular to help you to create own patented fabrics, not just be your manufactory, we can help more than your expectation! 

Contact us now: info@3rtw.com or Karen.huang@3rtw.com
More about us:


SIKAER LIFE ship worldwide

Please contact info@3rtw.com and leave your full ship to address as well order detail we will get back to you within 48hours.